Ukyō Kodachi Interview

Ukyo Kodachi Interview

Recently I had the opportunity to ask Ukyo Kodachi, the writer of the popular Naruto sequel Boruto, a few questions over Twitter. You might be asking why I decided to interview the writer of Boruto, a series that runs on ninja magic; well, down below I have exhibits A and B.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

It seems to me that Ukyo Kodachi is trying to insert more science and perhaps realism into a rather fantastical setting. He was happy to answer questions about Boruto as long as I didn’t ask about the titular character’s secret.

My first and most obvious question was to ask what inspired him to add realistic science and technology to the Naruto universe. His answer surprised me.

I had never even heard of Shadow Run, Tokyo Nova, or Mage, but I can easily see being inspired by video games. I mean Dungeons and Dragons has influenced generations of fantasy writers, so it’s no surprise that video games are influencing the authors who grew up playing them.

I for one am looking forward to seeing more of this fusion of technology with the magical ninja setting of Naruto, but I am a sucker for fusing magic and technology a la Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Beyond creating more engaging entertainment, adding more science and technology to Boruto can benefit me in as a teacher in the classroom. While teaching in Mongolia I had to teach the basics of flight to 6th graders, which some of them did not find all that interesting. However, they love Naruto and Boruto, and if the Boruto manga had come out a bit earlier, I have no doubt I could have used the following image to get them interested in the subject.

Ukyo Kodachi
Chapter 19

Ukyo Kodachi also mentioned that his father was a physician and also fostered his love of science, which is ironic in a way, as my father is also a physician and he fostered my love of science. So far he has included technology based on chemistry and physics, including airships, and what appears to be the ninja version of combat drones, but there hasn’t been much in the way of biotechnology. However, Ukyo Kodachi seems to be interested in adding biotechnology in the future, so we might see more clones and gene manipulation, but portrayed in a more realistic manner.

I haven’t gotten an answer to my final question yet, but he is a busy author and that is to be expected.

If I do hear any more from Ukyo Kodachi, you will be the first to know, and I might still try to do a post on that medical spray used in Boruto.

Ukyo Kodachi
Chapter 20

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