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I was more than a little surprised and flattered to be included in drunken anime blogs pirate crew.  So now according to the rules I have to reciprocate.  I know it’s not my usual fair but it seems like fun so why not try anything once…. except Airag, never Airag, for those of you who don’t know it is fermented horse milk and the national drink of Mongolia, with a very acquired taste.


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Thanks Irina

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Select seven anime characters and give them a position on the crew. These are the positions you can fill: Warrior, Sniper, Chef, Doctor, Scientist, Navigator, Strategist, Mechanic, and Entertainer.

Nominate 5-10 bloggers to participate.

Set sail and rule the seas!

Pirate Crew

1- Chef

Every pirate ship needs a chef plus I love good food.  Now I don’t know of any anime food blogs, but the almighty google was up to the task. After a quick search I discovered Blue Variance who runs the blog Itadakimasu Anime, which is all about anime food.  Not only does it cover anime it also covers the food the characters eat.  It even goes so far to provide recipes for some of the dishes like Mapo Tofu.  So Itadakimasu Anime is the only chef for my pirate crew.

2- Entertainer

For my entertainer I have to go with my good friends over at Doomtastic, whom I have known for a long time.  I’ve been meeting up with them at cons since Zenkaikon 2014, and it is a blast every time.  Their expert cosplays never cease to amaze me, not to mention expert panels on mecha anime.  Oh, and they are literary experts providing analysis of literature and its impact on anime.

3- Mechanic

Hands down the only mechanic for my pirate crew is mechanical anime reviews.  His expertise on mecha anime make him perfect for the job.  Not to mention he also has the real-world qualifications to keep my ship running and maybe even build a sweet ocean ride.

4- Scientist

This was a tough one for me at first considering I am the anime science guy, but I think Japan Powered does an excellent job in offering a deeper analysis of anime and issues prevalent in Japanese culture.  His posts are always surprising due to the choice of topics which include things I’ve never considered before, and he covers them in surprising depth.  He has also written a couple of books as well.

5- Navigator

My choice of navigator was easy and I have to go with Irina and drunken anime reviews.  Her many posts on blogging has given me advice on how to blog in the past, and she always seems to know where she is going with her blog.  I would like to think that means she has a good sense of direction and won’t get the boat lost, or at the very least will ask for directions.

6- Warrior

I had no idea who to pick for this one, but I eventually settled on Lita Kino anime corner.  Her posts are nice to read, and you wouldn’t name your blog after one of the toughest girls in Sailor Moon if you weren’t one yourself.  She might not have Lita’s lightning powers, but she’s been blogging a long time and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

7- Doctor

For my doctor I had to go with Manga Therapy which looks at how psychological issues are portrayed in anime and manga.  As such it is the perfect addition to my pirate crew to keep us from going crazy on long ocean voyages.  I hope he has some cures for seasickness or it is not going to be a fun voyage for me.


1- Manga therapy

2- Japan Powered

3- Doomtastic

4- Itadakimasu Anime

5- Mechanical anime reviews


I know it wasn’t my usual fair, but I hope you enjoyed it.  Also, I would like say that I have been working on something that will be starting in August and I think all of you will like it.

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