Laid Back Camp- Cooking at Altitude

Laid Back Camp

Yuru Camp or Laid Back Camp is a cute slice of life manga about camping that was adapted by C-station, in 2018.  Laid Back Camp is a fun show, but also an interesting one, that I only saw recently.  I had heard about the show back in 2018 when it first came out, and several people recommended it to me, but it wasn’t until Otakon 2019 last week that I really became interested in the show.  This all happened when I went to see a panel about Laid Back Camp and how to make the food shown in the anime.  After seeing a few clips, including the rather amusing Rin vs. the dog clip,………

At this point I was intrigued and watched the first few episodes on Crunchy Roll, which actually worked for me at this point.  Anyway after a few episodes I was hooked and finished the series a few days later.  It’s an interesting series because while it is funny, it’s not funny in the way that Azu Manga Diaoh is funny, nor is there any kind of plot or real character development in something like K-On!.  That’s not to say that the characters don’t change or grow, they do but it’s just not pronounced or really focused on.  The highlight of the show is just watching the girls talk about camping, what they do to be able to go camping, and then actually going camping.  It is much better than it sounds, and it is a great show to watch as relaxation at the end of a long day.  Lastly, the opening is a cute earworm of a song, not to mention is very reminiscent of songs done by the Jackson 5.

Overall, I would give the series a solid 3.5 out of 5.  Add a star if you are interested in camping and/or cooking.  Lastly, since the show takes place during the winter, there are not infrequent comments about how cold it is, and the anime even shows us that the temperature at times is anywhere from 41 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and is probably a bit colder at night.  This made me chuckle, as after living in Mongolia for 3 years, I learned that, 41-32 degrees Fahrenheit is not really all that cold, when you are dealing with -32 to -41 degrees Fahrenheit.

I know it’s not red Fuji.

Laid Back Camp

But the Mongolian countryside at sunrise is pretty nice.


Also, it’s not a tent but I think it counts.  Plus, it’s probably as close to camping as I am going to get.


But where is the science?

Yes, there is actually some science in Laid Back Camp, and it has to do with cooking.

Laid Back Camp

This means that you either have to cook the pasta longer or use a thinner type of pasta, but why does this happen?  It happens due to the interplay between atmospheric pressure and vapor pressure.  Atmospheric pressure is the weight of the column of air from where you are standing to the top of the atmosphere.

atmospheric pressure

The air pressure also decreases the higher up you go, because the column of air above you is smaller, and the air is less dense.  Which means that there is less air over your head.

Vapor pressure, on the other hand, is the force a solid or liquid puts on the surrounding air.  When the atmospheric pressure is higher than the vapor pressure, the substance will not boil.

Vapor Pressure

This is why you have to heat water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius to bring it to a boil at sea level.  The added energy in the form of heat raises the vapor pressure of the water causing it to boil.

As the altitude increases the atmosphere pressure decreases, which means that the amount of energy or heat that you need to add to the water to raise the vapor pressure above the atmospheric pressure decreases.  Now this doesn’t really matter until you travel above 2,000ft (610m).

0ft (0 m)           212°F (100°C)

500ft (150 m)  211.1°F (99.5°C)

1,000ft (305 m)           210.2°F (99°C)

2,000ft (610 m)           208.4°F (98°C)

5,000ft (1524 m)         203°F (95°C)

6,000ft (1829 m)         201.1°F (94°C)

8,000ft (2438 m)         197.4°F (91.9°C)

10,000ft (3048 m)       193.6°F (89.8°C)

12,000ft (3658 m)       189.8°F (87.6°C)

14,000ft (4267 m)       185.9°F (85.5°C)

15,000ft (4572 m)       184.1°F (84.5°C)

            In Rin’s case she was at 1600 meters, so the water she was using to cook with will boil at 202.5 F (94.7 C), or almost 10 degrees lower, which would affect how you cook food.  Thus, I will call cooking in Laid Back Camp Confirmed.

Exciting Update

Many of you have over the years, have asked me about starting a YouTube channel and it has finally happened.  I have officially started the AnimeScience101 YouTube channel, and the first video has been uploaded. I will be uploading a video on the first of each month.  Let me know what you think.

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