Law of Extreme Anger

Fight or Flight Response

Law of Extreme Anger– Whenever a female character gets mad, such as seeing the male character with another girl, she becomes extremely strong (despite her usually helpless look) so that she can lift a 1000-pound object to hurt the guy. She can sometimes perform other punishments that are just as cruel, such as pinching the guy’s face so hard that it changes shape. (aka the fight or flight response)

fight or flight response
Extreme anger about to be unleashed

Amazing feats of strength are not just limited to women in anime, as there are many reports of otherwise normal people performing incredible and otherwise impossible acts driven by the fight or flight response

Fight or Flight Response

The fight or flight response is a complex response originating from the nervous and endocrine system in response to stressful situations. Specifically, what is happening is the body is turning itself on or revving up to either fight back against the stressful situation or run away from the situation. You may be thinking, but shouldn’t the body always be ready to fight?; well, the answer would be no. The human body is in a sense a bit lazy, and, outside of the brain, it doesn’t like to use every system of the body at full speed all the time. The results of that would be bad. Imagine running a car at max rpm’s at all times; it wouldn’t take long for the engine to be completely worn out. As a result, humans have evolved two systems to deal with this particular issue.

fight or flight response
Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous system

Parasympathetic nervous system– turns the body off or relaxes it. This is used when we are at rest and/or digesting a meal.
Sympathetic nervous system– turns the body on and ramps it up preparing it for a fight (or flight). The sympathetic nervous system directs the cardiac system to shunt blood to the muscles, and signals the adrenal gland to release epinephrine (adrenaline). This increases the heart rate, level of sugar in the blood, and allows more blood to flow through the lungs. There are a few more additional effects that are pertinent to the discussion that I will be going into in further detail.

Mental Blocks

Everyone for the most part should be familiar with the concept of a limiter, that which prevents a device from running at its absolute maximum output to prevent the device from destroying itself. The human body is no different, as the brain does put limits on the performance of the muscular system. The reason for this is that if our muscles were allowed to contract at their absolute maximum power, the force generated could cause our bones to snap. As such, the brain limits the amount of strength you can use to prevent individuals from injuring themselves. The exact mechanism of how this works has yet to be discovered.

The sympathetic nervous systems fight or flight response is thought to play a role in loosening these blocks, allowing the individual temporary access to more physical and or mental power for a short period of time to survive the stressful event.

Law of Extreme Anger

The stress felt by a female character when embarrassed or otherwise enraged would set the fight or flight response into motion. This would give the individual enough strength to discipline her man. Now, that being said, there are limits, so Akane using the kitchen table to smash Ranma would be within acceptable limits. Naru punching Keitaro into orbit, not so much. So I will have to call this one plausible in certain situations.


Bonus Material


Yes, Naruto has appeared again and this time I will be talking about Rock Lee. Lee’s ultimate moves all involve opening something called the 8 gates. The 8 gates come from Hinduism, and relate to different abilities and conditions of the body. Obviously, I will not be delving into this as it is clearly not science. However, there is a connection back to the flight or fight response and the mental limits on the body.

8 Gates in Naruto


In action

1- The Gate of Opening (Kaimon)– Opening this gate allows Lee to use 100% of his muscle power. While consciously removing the mental block on the body is not possible, the idea is rooted in science. He would probably damage his body more than what is shown in the anime from a single gate.
2- The Gate of Healing (Kyūmon)- Opening this gate reenergizes the body and increases strength. Given that the first gate already is allowing the muscles to work at 100%, there is no science here at all.
3The Gate of Life (Seimon)- This gate increases the blood flow of the body by making the heart beat faster and harder, as if it wasn’t already. This would actually be very bad as an extremely high heart beat (tachycardia) can lead to a condition called fibrillation. In fibrillation the heart muscle beats at random so blood flow slows and stops as the heart is no longer contracting in the correct manner. Cleary this would be bad for Lee.
Gates 4 through 7 are simply increases that we have already discussed and there isn’t anything remotely scientific going on.
8- The Gate of Death (Shimon)– The last gate gives the user a massive boost in power again and it generates so much heat that the body turns to ash, which of course is complete BS. However, there is a small grain of truth here: if the body temperature rises high enough you can cause your own proteins to fall apart due to exceeding their heat tolerance at around 110F. Without any outside influence this only happens during high fevers, which is why cooling off the body and breaking a fever is sometimes a good thing to do.
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