Anime Blog Recommendations

Anime Blog Recommendations

anime blog recommendations

Animescience101 has been part of the anime blogosphere since 2014. FYI– the anime blogosphere refers to the collection of blogs and personal websites discussing anime. I haven’t really talked much about the other anime blogs out there. Well, I think it’s about time I changed that. There are a lot of blogs out there for previews, recaps, and episode reviews, so I am going to be focusing on something different. These are blogs run by people I know, I have guest posted on, and focus on topics beyond simple reviews/critiques. So here are my anime blog recommendations.

Anime and manga studies

As the name implies, this blog focuses on the study of anime. It takes a scholarly approach to anime and has a variety of resources, including a list of college courses on anime/manga. It can be a little heady to read at times, but it is always interesting and worth a look if you are interested in taking a deeper look at anime.

Anime research

Anime research is a group of scientists who have done a number of studies on anime and anime fandom. They freely publish the results of their studies and, while I know there have been issues with surveys of the anime community as of late, you can trust the surveys done by this group. Their bios are posted on the site and they are all faculty at various universities. This might not mean much to some, but I have done research at the collegiate level and there are a number of steps taken to make sure that surveys are handled in a proper fashion.


I have known the guys and gals over on Doomtastic since 2014 and they are a great group. If you have any questions about mecha and/or model building, they are the ones to ask.


I only discovered this one recently and it has a wide range of topics including reviews, but what I found helpful was the posts on anime blogging. Some of the advice I had already learned the hard way, and some didn’t necessarily apply to what I do here, but there were still a number of good tips.

Japan powered

I have to give a shout-out to Japan Powered for being the only other blog to discuss the idea of using anime in the classroom. The posts topic’s are varied, but all of them are well thought out. The posts focus on the themes and ideas behind the shows and not the anime/manga themselves, which I find much more interesting. There is also some talk about religion and anime if that is your thing.

Mechanical anime reviews

This is another blog I have only discovered recently and that was via his anime blogging advice posts, but there is a lot of mecha anime content there I would like to check out in the future.

Peach’s almanac

I was drawn in by the post on over-analyzing anime, which I wholeheartedly agree with. Peach’s Almanac focuses on everything from the artwork, to character development, to how certain themes/ideas are conveyed in anime. This is a blog that has a number of posts on my reading list.


I did a guest post for Simpleek back in October 2016, and I’ve continued to read some of her posts since then. She has an eclectic mix of anime, games, fashion, and general nerd culture posts.


I hope you found at least one interesting thing from my anime blog recommendations. If there is one I didn’t mention and you think I should take a look at it let me know in the comments.

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