Anime Industry Report 2017

Anime Industry Report 2017

anime industry report 2017

Last year I did a brief analysis of the anime industries annual report, and I’m back to report on the annual report for 2017. Not too much has changed in the past year, as industry revenue grew by 200 billion yen (18.3 million USD). Again, most of this growth came from the overseas market. Some other noticeable changes were an increase in revenue from movies, but given the success of Your Name, this isn’t much of a surprise. The live entertainment sector of the industry improved as well. It was not all good news as some areas did not do as well, with the pachinko, merchandise, video, and TV markets seeing a decrease in revenue, which was offset by the growth in the overseas market. Despite the overseas success, domestically the anime industry is facing slow growth across the board in many areas, furthering the idea that the industry needs to be looking more at the international market.

anime industry report 2017

There has been some big news in that area with Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu adding more anime to their services. Specifically, Netxflix added Devilman Crybaby, Baki and Saint Seiya, with Devilman Crybaby receiving good reviews so far. Hulu has added Soutaisekai, Enshen to Maho no Tablet, and Pig‐ Okanoue no Dam Keeper. I really like the idea of streaming services like Netflix throwing their hat into the ring and funding/creating their own anime projects, which might mean that we could see some projects more in tune with what the international market wants to see, which doesn’t always line up with the Japanese market.

Again, there is some cause for concern due to the fickle nature of the Chinese market. While currently China is a major force in the growth of the overseas anime market, there is always the risk of the Chinese government shutting the market down, like it has done to Korean media in the past. Right now, while anime is in the clear, some Chinese companies are passing on working with anime as the government wants them to give priority to Chinese products.

Anime Industry Report 2017- Movies

The report spoke very highly of the success anime movies have had at the box office in the last year, driven in no small part by Your Name and In this Corner of the World. These movies were huge commercial and critical successes, but I’m not sure the anime industry can put out hit movies like that year after year. Yes, A Silent Voice is very good, but I’m not sure it will garner the same success as Your Name.

Anime Industry Report 2017- Short Anime Production

Not much changed in terms of the total amount of anime produced in the past year, but more short anime (anime with episodes less than 10 min) were produced. I haven’t seen that many short anime, but the ones that I have seen have been great, like “I can’t understand what my husband is saying”.

Anime Industry Report 2017- Conclusion

It’s pretty much the same amount of growth in the predictable areas for the industry for 2017. There is nothing groundbreaking in the report, beyond the ever-present increase of the international market. I hope things continue to plug along for the industry for the foreseeable future.


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